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Introduzione alla tecnologia RFID

About a year ago, Telaeris hosted a hands-on RFID Lunch & Learn, co-sponsored by IEEE. We had a full house filled with engineers, managers, and business owners. Lost of questions were asked and our attendees learned how they can utilize RFID to streamline their business processes. There is no beauty in hoarding good knowledge, so we want to share what we presented during our RFID event. The link to the video and slides will give you a good overview of RFID technology and its application.

Se hai un gruppo che trarrebbe vantaggio dall'avere una presentazione in loco di RFID per i tuoi membri o la tua azienda, ti preghiamo di darci una chiamata o di mandarci un'email.

Si prega di fare riferimento al our YouTube page for the recording of the RFID presentation.

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