XPressBadge Documentazione

1.Introduzione #

XPressBadge is an ID Card Design, Printing and Management software. While ID card designing is the main purpose of this application, it can nonetheless be used for almost any design and publishing tasks such as brochures, flyers credit cards and product labels. XPressBadge uses vector graphics to ensure highest print quality and tiny file sizes. It can run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Some of the great features of XPressBadge are:

  • Vector graphics
  • Layout customization
  • MDI interface
  • Livelli
  • Two-sided printing
  • Modelli di pagina
  • Supports data binding with plethora of data sources including SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite and text files
  • Drag-n-drop binding with database fields
  • SQL Query support
  • Album View
  • Mascheratura alfa
  • Green screen (a.k.a. Chroma Key)
  • Interactive Page setup window

This manual discusses all salient features of XPressBadge in detail. Before shedding light on each individual feature, it is pertinent to provide the big picture.

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